Shopee’s press release said the Mall offers 100 per cent authenticity guarantee, không tính phí shipping and 15 days return on all products, with an additional wave of unbeatable đơn hàng and promotions during the grand launch.

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, has officially launched ‘Shopee Mall’, a new dedicated portal featuring thousands of products sold by leading brands and Shopee’s top sellers, revealed the press statement.
The Mall will give users direct access to tát a variety of prominent brands such as Loreal, Unilever, Huawei, Nestle, Phillips and many more. All products on Shopee Mall come with 15 Days Return Policy, 100 per cent Authenticity Guarantee and Free Shipping nationwide.

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Terence Pang, chief operating officer of Shopee said that following the tremendous growth of Shopee Thailand in the recent years, it has taken a major step to tát officially launch Shopee Mall as a way to tát cement our position as the one-stop shopping platform of choice in the market, and also to tát expand and diversify our product assortment to tát cater to tát users all across Thailand.
“Moving forward, Shopee will continue to tát establish more strategic partnerships with leading brands, and to tát work closely with them to tát further provide an unprecedented choice of products and services to tát enhance users’ overall shopping experience, and to tát drive forward the growth of Thailand’s e-commerce industry.”
The Mall was conceptualised to tát solve shoppers’ concerns about product authenticity, which is a major concern among buyers when shopping online. The newly launched portal caters to tát the demands of Thai shoppers where they can cửa hàng for their favorite brands and products from the brand owners themselves.
Additionally, with more Thai brands embracing e-commerce, Shopee Mall provides a platform for traditional brands and retailers to tát tap on to tát expand their digital presence, according to tát the statement.
This reflects Shopee’s commitment to tát constantly innovating and enhancing its platform, features, and services to tát adapt to tát the rapidly-changing e-commerce scene and consequently, the needs of users. 
A premium online shopping environment

To identify the product listings, shoppers can look out for the distinctive red ‘Mall’ label while browsing. Shopee ensures a premium online shopping experience with the following benefits: 

15 Days Return Policy: Shoppers can enjoy hassle-free returns within 15 days at zero cost for all Shopee Mall products.
100% Authenticity Guarantee: Serves to tát eliminate buyer concerns about product authenticity. Any shopper who receives a counterfeit product when purchasing from Shopee Mall is entitled to tát a 200% refund. 
Free Shipping nationwide: Shoppers can enjoy greater cost savings with không tính phí shipping nationwide on every order, subject to tát a minimum spend of 200 baht.

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Get ready for a series of super đơn hàng and promotions during Shopee Mall Grand Launch

During Shopee Mall Grand Launch chiến dịch happening from 5 to tát 11 March, users can look forward to tát endless irresistible đơn hàng including multiple daily flash sales, discounts of up to tát 80% off, surprise voucher codes and up to tát 12% Shopee coins cashback across all product categories on Shopee.

Join the Shopee Mall Grand Launch celebration at
For more information, visit Download the Shopee ứng dụng for không tính phí on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

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